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Pictures, pictures, pictures… This is what Sikora Photography is about, a big, crazy world of imagery. Seeing our surroundings through the viewfinder, turning images into poetry and seeing a story to be told where many don’t. Our mission… Crafting every scene into a carefully designed photograph, a powerful one. With bursting creativity and countless hours those single images become a lavish collection of words, to make a full, breathing and living story. WHY? A wedding collection to bring back those cherished moments, always at your fingertips, a family legacy immortalizing those who are the closest to us. Even a corporate portrait is more than a snap shot. A company promo or a short film, or maybe a senior who wants more than another boring photo in the yearbook! My name is Thomas Sikora, and I live and breath photography! Our team at Sikora Photography, we don’t only capture the images, we fashion them to perfection! We are driven by absolute passion and extraordinary attention to detail. In the last 12 years we have travelled to many places in the world and have taken on many photographic challenges. Please tell us about your project, let us unleash our imagination and make our art shout a thousand words for you!

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